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He falls for older girl Abby Davies, as she leads him on, making him believe that she fancies him.

However, nothing happens in the relationship after Craig discovers that she is using him in order to make her ex-boyfriend, Lee Hunter, jealous.

Burnet has won and been nominated for several awards for this role.She then starts to lose interest in him, but is taught a lesson by Craig's sisters, Debbie and Steph, who have had an intense dislike for Natalie since she arrived. With help from his father Johnno Dean, Craig was soon able to leave Natalie behind and move on with his life.Craig is dealt another shock, which leaves him devastated; his father, Johnno, leaves the family after having an affair with a younger girl who became pregnant with his child.So fervently were viewers wishing for a happy ending for gay teenager John Paul and his no-I'm-not-gay-but-maybe-I-am friend Craig, the producer even promised a happy ending in advance.And so, as they flew off to Dublin together, they kissed in front of a holiday poster of a sunset. " Burnet cited his appreciation for the show giving him a unique character to portray, while maintaining the distinct difference between John Paul's sexuality and Craig's.

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