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Cllr Roger Bingham, a long-time exhibitor, presented the awards, with the trophy for best horticultural exhibit won by Jack Gott for his dahlia arrangement.

The green-fingered Mr Gott also picked up five more awards for dahlias, and his allotment was judged the best-kept. Most points vegetable classes & best veg exhibit: David Craig.

Maxine Shaw (Erika Alexander), Khadijah's college roommate, a man-eating divorce attorney with an acid tongue, seemed to spend almost all her free time at their apartment.

Living in the apartment upstairs were Synclaire's boyfriend, Overton Jones (John Henton), the building's dumb, happy handyman, and Kyle Barker (T. Carson), a conceited financial planner who dished it out pretty well in his ongoing verbal exchange with Max.

Khadijah James (Queen Latifah) was the editor of Flavor, a magazine targeted to the black community.

She lived in an apartment in a brownstone in Brooklyn with her cousin, Synclaire James (Kim Coles), a perpetually perky but not to bright woman who was her secretary at Flavor, and gold-digging sexpot Régine Hunter (Kim Fields), a childhood friend who worked at a fancy women's clothing boutique.

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Finance and adminstration director Andrew Dickson had a £158,000 pay package for the last year including £120,000 basic salary with £26,000 bonus and £11,000 in pension contributions.Also on the Flavor staff was Russell Montego (Shaun Baker), a Jamaican with the hots for a disinterested Regine. In November, Regine's soap opera, Palo Alto, was canceled, leaving her without a job, so she started organiizing parties.In 1996, a busy year, Maxine ran for alderman and, despite having her entire racy past exposed on local tv news, she won the election. At the end of the 1996-1997 season Overton and Synclaire got married and Kyle's brokerage firm offered him a chance to run it's London office. Most points children's classes: Elizabeth Johnson, Evelyn Kinnear & Laura Tuckey. Best-kept gardens: John & Mavis Robinson and Julie Welton.

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