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La Crosse Technology is happy to announce the introduction of our latest wireless weather stations with built in Wi Fi this fall.

These new weather stations will include several exciting features that take advantage of the Wifi connectivity and include a new free APP (La Crosse View) for remote monitoring.

The weather API provided the means to complete the project within budget and in a timely manner without negatively impacting the existing customer base.

The unique dataset features hourly data assimilation, and provides physically consistent wind and solar estimates for the renewable energy industry.Lacrosse (according to their email) says the 31st is the end.Funny thing is that I can't find any other confirmation (other than the email I posted) that Lacrosse is pulling the plug. Update: Weather direct units still working as of 09/20/17. Or their new, improved model was just not quite ready to roll out yet? The planned time for the units to stop receiving data was 09/01.This combined dataset will continue to be augmented with new forecast data from the advanced HRRR atmospheric/land-surface model.The Lacrosse Technology projects, Weather Direct and La Crosse Alerts, allows users to monitor and receive alerts based on environmental information gathered from both external sensors and weather data from HAMweather’s Aeris Weather API.

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