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The Council on Standards for International Educational Travel is a not-for-profit organization committed to quality international educational travel and exchange for youth at the high school level.

Long-term (10 to 12 month) exchange applications and interviews generally take place 10 months in advance of departure, but sometimes as little as four months.

Students may only participate in the exchange for a cumulative total of one calendar year, defined as an academic year and a summer session.

A short-term exchange program is also known as summer/intensive or cultural exchange program.

An exchange student typically stays in the host country for a period of 6 to 10 months.

International students or those on study abroad programs may stay in the host country for several years. National Student Exchange (NSE) is a not-for-profit education consortium based in the United States that provides affordable and practical opportunities for students enrolled at member campuses to study and live in a new location.

The students are exposed to an intensive program that increases their understanding of other cultures, communities, and languages.

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Some programs require a preliminary application form with fees, and then schedule interviews and a longer application form.

Other programs request a full application from the beginning and then schedule interviews.

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