Reverse psychology in dating men

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He’s learnt that sweet talking is the way to win ladies over, so he’ll know exactly how to flirt and compliment you.Talk is cheap, and his actions will speak louder than words, so if he soon disappears off the radar after he thinks he’s got you, you’ll know it was all talk.2) He will “slip-up” in conversation and forget things you’ve spoken about before Juggling a lot of girls is a difficult task, so a player is bound to slip-up at some stage.Perhaps he’ll refer to a hobby you don’t have or talk about your sister when you’ve actually got a brother.He’ll never confess it’s his fault though, instead he’ll claim he’s been badly hurt by an ex or use an excuse to make you feel sorry for him and want to “change him”.If this is a guy who has never had a relationship that has lasted more than a few months, that should also ring alarm bells.You can be sure that he’ll never leave it unlocked when he goes out the room and will always put it face down on the table.

He’s the one who knows exactly what to say to make every woman swoon.Dating is a game to them and they won’t find interest in doing any other activities such as spending a night in.They go out with one intention only – to pick up and impress the lads.You’ll be out of sight, out of mind and he’ll only be interested in making the effort when you’re right in front of him.4) He talks about commitment problems/crazy exes and always plays the victim This type of guy knows every trick in the book, and he’ll play the reverse psychology game by claiming he’s not relationship material or has had commitment issues in the past.

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