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The telephone has saved the physician many needless calls and has enabled him to render better service by keeping in closer touch with his patients and has added only a comparatively small item to his expense ac- count. Second, the Benedict portable respiration apparatus, devised by Dr. Since basal metabolism is based on the heat production per unit of surface area, it has been necessary to devise an accurate simple method for meas- uring the body surface. False Conceptions Concerning Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Dr. These variations and those of the percus- sion note are more generally found in chil- dren with a history of infections of the re- spiratory tract. He made glucose tolerence curves on five healthy men o A'er sixty years of age and found curves suggest- ing mild diabetes Avith the apex occurring at 200 mg. They do not cover their months when they cough, do not use special linen or dishes, and have no idea of prophylaxis. You can only tell him what to do, you cannot do it for him. MITCHELL, OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES: Bacteria and Disease. li Cooperative Collections and Protection Against Deadbeats W. Some of the modern conveniences have made life more worth living but have greatly modified the sentimental relations between physicians and their patients. It may be used success- fully in a large laboratory with a trained technician to operate it and obviously will never be of wide clinical use. The technique is rela- tively simple and with moderate study can be used by the average clinician or technician. As stated before there is a normal definite standard for basal metabo- lism per unit of body surface. The essential fact to be stressed is that so- called vesicular respiration is heard with great frequency in normal children, and is to be regarded as a variation of normal and not necessarily as an indication of disease. The following programme was given at the new Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Memorial Hall : p.m. Spence, reporting on glucose tolerence curves Avith special reference to variations found at different ages, states that possibly the high blood sugar levels found in some cardio vascular cases, are dependent upon the age of the individual, rather than to any de- finite abnormal function. 15 excrete less than 50% phenolsulphone- phthalein. TREATMENT That patients should not be told that they have tuberculosis. Explain to the patient that he has tuberculosis and he can recover, even though the road is rough, the grades are steep, and the journey long. Few pa- tients without previous sanatorium training come to Colorado with sputum cups, or real- ize how to dispose of their sputum. D 328 Glands of Internal Secretion, Interrelation of the— J. Such evidences of good taste have much to do with reinforcing the physician’s personal qualities and professional skill. A paretic curve is also found in soxxxe types of early neurosyphilis, and dis- appears as the other phases become negative. R Clean Inunction Treatment of Syphilis With Mercury As a result of a preliminary clinical study, H. As a result of our find- ings we feel that, in the future, mercurial in- unctions need not be discarded because of the unpleasant considerations in regard to their use, namely, uncleanliness, liability of dis- covery, and causing of a folliculitis. Noteworthy among which are the newer methods of blood chemistry, not too cumber- some nor complicated for clinical use for de- termining the blood carbon dioxide, urea nitro- gen, total non-protein nitrogen, creatinin, uric acid and blood sugar. This, they considered, would bring the greatest help to those suffering from tuberculosis and the greatest boom to the public from whom the funds were collected. All children who showe 1 signs of disease were excluded from the series. — Examination of babies and chil- dren under school age. 234 THE JOURNAL OF THE KANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY This does not- apply to iritis where the ten- sion in some cases is probably secondary. When the final exit comes the disease disappears leaving no trace, such as scars or thickening of the tissues, of its years of occupancy. Since the hog and calf cannot vote any more intelligently than the antivivisec tionists, statistics are used instead to verify the dumb animals wishes. In the majority of instances the diagnosis can be made from the history, symp- toms, or physical signs before a positive sputum appears.

D., Wich- ita, Kansas 34 " ■Catarrh, Notes on Treatment of Vernal — J. The treatment and consultation rooms should be equipped for work rather than entertainment. 32 THE JOURNAL OF THE KANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY With the above preliminary statements we may now take up the subject of basal meta- bolism by which is meant the minimal meta- bolism; i.e., the minimal heat production of the body. decreased or be entirely lacking, de- pending upon the degree of distention of the stomach or colon, the curvature of the spine, and may likewise vary with the position of the diaphragm or with the posture of the child during the examination. The lower margins of the lungs posteriorly are at the level of the 10th or 11th rib and descend from 1.5 to 3.5 cm. A just detectible diminution of resonance over the apical regions is of no significance unless associated with a modification of the breath sounds in those areas or with other abnormal ausculatorv findings. I am well aware that two cases furnish insufficient evidence as to the worth of the treatment, and that the results are not worthy of a long academic dissertation on vernal catarrh, but the very few minutes I have taken is not a serious trespess on your time, and the report may be of some interest to those in ophthalmic practice. In a previous paper on “The Relation of Kidney Function to the Prognosis and Treat- ment of Hypertension” we made mention of the fact, by no means new, that in certain high blood pressure cases, especially those with evidence of nephritis, that distinct ele- vations of fasting blood sugar are often en- countered, and that we thought possibly blood sugar determinations might be utilized as tests for kidney function. Next to the finding of tubercle bacilli in the sputum, these rales are the most diag- nostic single factor.

The old adage “fine feathers make fine birds” is perhaps appro- priate in this connection. A patient should never be discharged as cured without the informa- tion gained by lumbar punctui’e. As headquarters for the organothera- peutic agents, we offer a full line of Endocrine Products in powder and tablets (no combinations or shotgun cure-alls). Moreover, the absence of subjective symptoms is further, but not complete, evidence against this assumption. The formic acid killed the New Jersey farmer but it cured a Kansas farmer. However, the prac- tical need of a solution of the problem was. Study was continued throughout 1921 and the first four months of 1922, and the data independently assembled were jointly discussed to evaluate them. Sodium salicylate given daily one grain for each pound of body weight (Gifford’s rule) is highly recommended for sympathetic ophthalmia and all non-specific inflamma- tions of the iris, ciliary body, sclera, inter- stitial keratitis and post-operative or trau- matic injuries. There may be some encroachment on the cornea, and also there may be pigmenta- tion of the hypertrophic masses. Six of the patients had persist- ently low phenolsulphonephthalein output. Eight months ago began com- plaining of thirst and has lost thirty-four pounds since that time. According to this index a full grown man should have about 10 parts protein in his intake at each meal. “The normal systolic blood pressure should be 100 plus one half the age of the patient.’" To the doctor who know this is an inquiry. The high percentage of undernourished children one } ? Recognized as embodying every essen- tial possible in a portable manometer. There is always a cause for pleural effusion, and espe- cially in young adults of previously good health, by far the most frequent cause is tu- berculosis. 12 th ed ’89 BA Y v, EDGAR HEN R Y SUMMERFIELD • he Source, Chemistry and Use of Food Products.

Of course he must have executive qualifications and pleasant personality. A persisteixtly negative Was- sermann reaction in the blood is frequently found with positive phases in the fluid and with an active process. Elixir of Enzymes is a potent and pala- table preparation of the ferments active in acid environment — an aid to digestion, corrective of minor alimentary disorders and a fine vehicle for iodides, bromides, salycilates, etc. Isolated pupillary abnormality, in this type of case, together with a negative spinal fluid, does not warrant the belief that this objective symptom is a forerunner of tabes or some other neurosyphilitic process. On questioning him (about two years after lie began keeping bees) he said occasionally his knee would get a little “achy” and his thumb joint swell a little when he would take a dose of bee sting and get relief. The findings at that time were incomplete and because of the then limited observations, no very definite conclusions were drawn. Tuber- culin is of value in tuberculous diseases of the eye such as keratitis, iritis, etc. In the bulbar type of this disease there are dense gelatinous hypertrophies of the con- junctivae, principally in the more exposed parts. The 239 three remaining cases are apparently essential hypertension with no demonstrable evidence of nephritis. About the same time she noticed nocturnal polyuria, later frequent urination at all times. About 7 parts of every 100 parts of moth- er's milk is said to be protein. water just a little below the normal temperature of the blood. The nutritional status was improved in many instances. FOR SALE On account of the death of my hus- band, I have for sale one Oxford chair, one white enamel operating’ table, also all instruments, lyccs SPHYGMOMANOMETER Provides a simple method of determining blood pressure. Let us put idiopathic pleural effusion into the discard with “in- cipient” pulmonary tuberculosis. : Chemistry of Urine ’95 ATTFIELD, JOHN: ' Chemistry.

Practically every town of five thousand has a hospital and eery well regulated hospital is an asset to the com- munity. Various clinical methods have been devised for measuring basal metabolism based upon the fact that the oxygen consumption and the carbon dioxide output is an accurate meas- urement of metabolism. Just as the full, deep note or higher pitch characteristically elicite 1 by percussion of the child’s chest is often replaced in health by a note more like that produced when one percusses the normal chest of an adult, so, on auscultation of a child’s normal lungs, the exaggerated or puerile breath sounds may be lacking, and instead the so-called vesicular re- spiratory murmur characteristically present in adult life is heard. Meyer and Killian reporting on twenty-three cases of nephritis conclude that in general, high blood sugar A r alues accompany high urea values. Continued cough and hoarseness are probably more often caused by tuberculosis than any other one thing, but should the lungs be free from dis- ease, other causes should be sought for.

D 195 Blood Sugar Curves in High Blood Pressure Cases — D. The hospital is now accepted as the safest, most comfortable and most economical place for the seriously sick. In short, the determination is made in the morning be- fore the patient has had his breakfast and while lying in bed. or at least, has not been emphasized, has come forc- ibly to our attention in carrying out this study. He also studied the subject refer- able to high blood pressure in sixteen cases with systolic pressures ranging from 180 to 230. In ten cases showing no high pressure, hypergly- cemia Avas noted in three. That because a, patient has continued cough and hoarseness , he has tuberculosis.

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