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Best of all, all five of these are free to join, so you've got nothing to lose!The idea behind Find My Song is pretty simple, but it's actually got a lot going on.The service allows musicians to find one another for a new project by searching aimlessly (brilliance can come from this, after all) or by selecting certain, specific tags depending on what the performer may be looking for.Beyond that, there's a built-in system that lets collaborators share files if they're working on a song across long distances.

Still working on new features, Clowdy is already a great way for people to showcase everything they've done.

To aid you in your quest, we've put together five options that should help you to pin down that elusive drummer/vocalist/bagpiper.

A site dedicated to those looking to join and form musical collaborations.

Fellow creators find that crush and immediately begin thinking about how they could emulate and work with the other, and from there, magic can happen.

Songwriter Link aims to connect songwriters that complement each other perfectly, which should hopefully lead to amazing music.

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