Lunch actually professional dating

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You can get that elsewhere, [email protected] Thats some very premium service.

its up to the guy and girl to carry the flow of the date. Have a good roster of good looking models, get them to memorize some script to cater to a diversity of clientele from different backgraound, then give them a cut of those few k from people that sign up for dating agencies. Her parents are some big time communist mid ranking officials. Anyways, you getting bored with this talk so I end here.

and their filtering part only seems professional through expensive sign up fee and so called professional advice given.. Its a whole bunch of personality test, the stuff that you might get in a job interview or teambuilding shit. Teach them how to get the guys hooked so that they can sign up for more premium services. Ahh, no I'm not getting bored, its just went from dating agency recommendation to setting up a hostess bar , . Its the recruiting good looking and affordable employees from PRC and train them to speak decently with some IT/engineer dudes , and still make a profit, thats the part I'm skeptical off. Thats why I say you cant do that with a pretty farm girl.

Of course, if you wanna be skeptical about everything, that its all a scam. Unless you got news for me that there's a surplus of english speaking college graduates desperate for any jobs. Unless you're looking for a woman whose primary objective is seeking a marriage partner, stay away from dating agencies.

Apparently some parents send their kids details too This is a dating agency that is serious and not for hookups.

Means ppl pay to find their soul mates and for marriage.

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