Liquadating inventories in maine

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This technology has also connected retailers to third-party marketplaces that specialize in open-box inventory, have large audiences, help retailers protect their brands, and move inventory quickly.

And because consumers will pay more than bulk purchasers, retailers can recover more of their inventory cost through this new channel.“Return to vendor” rights are not a new concept in reverse logistics (or even purchasing departments, for that matter).

A successful auction starts long before a single item is put up for bid.

But that method is typically to sell inventory by the truckload in bulk lots.

While these sales only recover a small fraction of the retailer’s product cost, they are easy and fast.

This trend has created complexity for retailers, who must now focus not just on selling product but also on handling product returns, which can range from 5 percent to 25 percent of units sold depending on the retailer.

Many retailers have long-established methods for dealing with customer returns.

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