Kpop idol dating scandal

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Fans can say they’re actually pissed at her for dropping information to sasaengs, but if that was the case, why would his fansites close and not just focus on her wrongdoing? Anyway, I just wanted to document this as yet another potential instance of fandoms blowing up over basically nothing.

—– *I always enjoy this excuse to hate on a fellow fan.

As a gift, fans made a collective effort to push their single up to the charts.

When SISTAR leaves, there will only be a handful of second generation girl groups left.

It isn’t a matter of loss of interest by the fans either.

These were the groups that made K-pop reach international waters and were considered unbreakable.

A new set of girl groups have already made an impact on the public.

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This led to the decrease in their popularity and even to the point of members quitting the group permanently. Double standards in their society put more pressure in being a female idol rather than being a male one.

When the Idol Star Athletic Championships were brought up, the girls confirmed that it is the "it" dating spot among idols because of how many people are there.

Japan will be under heavy focus since I know the Japanese music industry the best.

Today in fandom drama, fans of Day6‘s Junghyeok have been suspicious that he’s dating a fan and have compiled evidence in an attempt to prove that. So all that shit happened, and the fan he’s supposedly dating then made a post and denied they are an item.

Okay, so basically Junhyeok is maybe or maybe not dating a fan, but the fan definitely got close to Junhyeok.

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