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Since older kids, preteens and teenagers tend to be shy and stick close to people they know when they are exposed to groups of new people, speed dating for kids can help break the ice.First, when working with kids, don't call it speed dating. It's inappropriate for younger ages, and much too intimidating for older ages.Remember to avoid centerpieces at eye level if you have the children sitting at tables.Consider serving snacks after or move onto another game.Call it Round Robin, The S'Up (What's Up) Circle, Who Do You Know, or some other neutral name.Secondly, don't create a situation that feels like dating.

I think that it will be interesting and will allow the guests to get to know my parents better. So in celebration of the familiar and unexpected about each other, this date night invites you and your sweetie to get acquainted in a fun new way – with your very own…You can also utilize all those magazines you have lying around to cut the clues out of those glossy pages! Or maybe snapping pics and cutting images out of magazines isn’t really your thing?Another tactic is to give prizes to those who have the most questions answered on their sheets.Another fun element is to have a treat at each table, or a little piece of the meal or refreshments.

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