Free sex dating in gent

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The company, founded three years ago by entrepreneur Sara Shikhman, employs a simple process: They have a listing of available "gents" across many major metropolitan areas in the US, to whom they will match you based on your mutual interests, needs, and availability.

Then they'll put you in touch with him, and let everything progress from there.

But he would constantly find ways to bring me into the conversation organically.

As this portrait room emptied out, conversation turned to his job with Rent A Gent.

Instead, the gent can be an asset — working a room, charming away. The company has a five-star Yelp rating, and women rave about the professional conduct of the men.

We took a moment to inspect an oil painting by Vermeer: A lone young woman bathed in suffused light. Classy bachelorette parties are a popular use of the service.

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He was initially leery, but they won him over with the unique business pitch.

Furthermore, guys are not letting the credit crunch hold them back when it comes to splashing out on a first date".

Asked how much they would spend on a date, Liverpudlians were by far the most generous, budgeting an average of £72.

No funny business, it claims, just a dependable (and dependably attractive) companion for a few hours.

Unlike the escort options you may be thinking of, the Rent A Gent service is about "empowering women." Rent A Gent prioritizes meaningful conversation, and the service costs 0 an hour.

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