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Delia is the kind of character that viewers "love to hate". Delia is considered to be the breakout character of the series and remains one of the most iconic characters in daytime history.

Delia is known for her early chaotic romances with brothers, Patrick and Frank. In 2013, Kristen would reprise the role of Delia on the sole surviving ABC drama, General Hospital where she is revealed to be the biological mother of the treacherous Ava Jerome (Maura West).

Her father ends up in a mental institution and her mother works herself into an early grave leaving Delia in the care of her older brother, Bob.

Delia becomes close to the Ryan family when the matriarch, Maeve (Helen Gallagher) shows her kindness and gives her food.

The marriage is strained due to Frank's lawschool affair with Jillian Coleridge.

Delia then gets herself pregnant believing it will keep Frank from straying.

However, their romane ends when Pat chooses his medical career over her.In late February 1982, it was reported that Edwards had been fired and Kristen returned to the role in early March.After a failing to impress as One Life to Live's Georgina Whitman, Kristen was left unemployed allowing for her to return to Ryan's Hope.Delia later begins seeing the mysterious Victor Jerome (Jack Axelrod).She later discovers that he is a mobster and she breaks off the relationship only to learn she is pregnant.

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