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“How do we deal with kids that come down and say they have homosexual issues—or even claim to be bisexual? A lot of our kids have been hurt sexually by people.So many, as we have gone through counseling, we’ve come to understand that the reason they have come to enjoy the same-sex relationships is because they couldn’t trust the other sex. Many of our kids go, ‘Oh, I’m so glad that I’m not a homosexual,’” Hundley says.

At least five staff members from Escuela Caribe remained employed at the school after the transition, though Mark Terrell, the CEO of Crosswinds, tells Terrell is frustrated about the backlash he has received in connection with the old school.

Logan's film, which premieres on Showtime on Thursday, follows her growing realization that the school was using brainwashing tactics and harming children.

In one scene she puts the camera on a girl who has been standing facing a wall for over an hour as some sort of punishment.

After coming out to his parents as gay, he was dragged out of bed by a belt strapped around his waist and put on a plane to the Dominican Republic.

Logan interviews Cindy Hundley, a counselor at the school, who claims that the school doesn’t engage in any “reparative” therapy to attempt to alter students’ sexual orientations, but that “through counseling” the students do come to “understand” that they are straight.

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