Dating vali

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"Let all those who have harmed Anjana's son choke to death," he thought out aloud. To make amends they showered the following blessings and powers on the monkey child: a).

Brahma: "May you live as long as Brahma himself lives." b).

This was an early pointer to his life-long pursuit of a celibate, almost ascetic lifestyle.

His father Vayu immediately sprung to his rescue and caught him in mid air.

Since they were in simian form it was but natural that the offspring born of such a union too would be a monkey.

Not desiring to go against the laws of nature, Shiva directed the wind god Vayu to carry his semen from Parvati's womb, and deposit it into that of Anjana - a female monkey, who at that very moment was praying for a male child.

He created a missile using five metals: gold, silver, copper, iron and tin.

When the unsuspecting mother was asleep, he directed the missile into her womb.

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