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The end has come for Nazi Germany and Hitler decides to commit suicide. See full summary » Director: Viktor Csudai When King Pravoslav's favorite daughter tells him that she loves him more than salt, he's furious since he considers salt to be worthless.

Her fiance the Salt Prince makes all the salt disappear to teach Pravoslav a lesson.

The queen bee serves as a big mother that symbolizes the family and ...

See full summary » Director: Juraj Jakubisko Nowadays, information is the most valuable currency. See full summary » Director: Jonás Karásek A fisherman saves Anada, a woman adrift, from drowning. Eventually, she occupies a larger place than was to be expected. See full summary » Directors: Ján Kadár, Elmar Klos Pista, a lonely bachelor, working in a Post office, takes to drinking to get over his small stature and unsightly appearance.

Criminal thriller about traffickers and smugglers from Ukrainian border.

The feature film about the borders and the life on their edge. Tono lives a poor life, but the authorities offer him to take over the Jewish widow Lautman's little shop for sewing material. See full summary » Directors: Ján Kadár, Elmar Klos In the 90s, when Czechoslovakia splits into Czech Republic and Slovakia, the son of Slovak president gets abducted by mafia in a political scheme of the prime minister.

It concentrates on Tomás (Brano Holícek), a 14-year-old boy who lives beneath the castle of the powerful Lord Balador (Juraj Kukura). See full summary » Director: Václav Vorlícek A fairy-tale about a beautiful but very haughty princess Anna who cruelly mocks each of her suitors.

Finally she is forced by the king to marry a beggar.

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See full summary » Director: Juraj Jakubisko A historical co-production with fairy tale elements.His parents are nonstop guilt-inducers, his ex-wife is always on his back, and his son is far from inspirational. See full summary » Director: Martin Sulík This is a ballad about love, hate, and a search for a way out of loneliness. See full summary » Director: Otakar Vávra Vojtech movie is crazy and humorous picture of our times.It is a dramatic story about the strange potter, Martin Leaps, nicknamed Dragon, who is suspected by the ... On 20th of April 1945 the Soviet army launches its attack on Berlin. Vojtech, almost absolutely boring man at the beginning, is becoming a part of the world full of comical and extreme human ...Observing other lives from behind the closet doors makes him feel safe and quiets down his solitude. Director: Peter Bebjak The story of a fifteen-year old girl who finds herself referred to a re-education centre as a result of her love affair. When he sees his family is taken to Poland one by one he ...See full summary » Director: Jirí Chlumský At 38, Thomas is at a crossroads in his life.

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