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Dixon escapes the blaze (also managing to salvage Angela’s case files), but is hospitalized with burns all over his body.

A witness, a car-dealer named James (Peter Dinklage), provides an alibi for the both of them so she can escape guilt.

Later that night, Mildred and Robbie are driving home when they see all three billboards on fire.

They manage to keep them from burning down, but the messages on them are destroyed.

Mildred and her son are subsequently harassed further, receiving an especially violent threat from a man that enters into her store.

Soon after the billboards are put up, Mildred and her depressed son Robbie (Lucas Hedges) are harassed and threatened, but Mildred stays firm, much to Robbie’s chagrin.

While Willoughby is sympathetic to Mildred’s plight, he finds them an unfair attack on his character.

Though enraged, she simply tells Charlie to treat Penelope well.

Dixon then contacts Mildred, letting her know that he may have found Angela’s killer.

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