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The following list is our unofficial primer on Indian films and Hindi movies.

For the uninitiated, these lengthy films invariably contain a dozen major song and dance sequences and a little something for everyone.

Akash is a wise guy who spends all his time joking around and doesn't take too much seriously.

Sameer is forever falling in love while his parents try to set him up in an arranged marriage.

Very long, very romantic and the war scenes are worthy of Cecil B. Jai and Veru are two criminal brothers who save a cop during a robbery and get arrested in the process. This 1964 war movie is a heroic portrayal of India's 1962 war with China over the disputed Ladakh border. Since it's the timeless story of girl meets boy, when it was filmed is really of no consequence. He's a wise guy newspaper reporter in a fedora, and she is a ladies' maid.

The police inspector asks their help in ridding his village of a bandit gang that is sucking them dry. Rather graphic, director Chetan Anand set out to glorify the soldiers who fought in this remote outpost. When he goes looking for a story, he meets her again and decides to help her out.

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The love scenes in Hindi movies range from turgid to highly erotic, but you will never see a completed kiss on the lips in a two or three hour Indian film.

Prince Salim is so smitten by the consort Anakarlai that his incites a civil war to overcome his father's refusal to permit their marriage .

She undergoes prison and repeated threats, but she will not give up her love .

Stars include Manoj Kumar, Mehmood, Helen, Pran, Madan Puri and Nanda, Directed by Raja Nawathe and produced by N. Do not watch Bajranbali under the influence of mind altering drugs. A grudge ensues, and Sammy tries to electrocute his rival by running wall current through his electric guitar.

Things get nuts and Johnny gets his legs broken by some goons just before the world disco championships. If your a fan of Indian odd films, Disco Dancer is your cup of tea. King of the World is a Hindi classic love story of a Mughal prince's wish to marry a beautiful commoner over his father's objections.

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