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Here’s the truth: The internet and social media has completely changed the game.

As Fredrik Ecklund states in his great book The Sell, the world today is much different than it was just 5 years ago.

You’ve got to have the right attitude, the right mindsets, and a powerful belief system. Most people who come across my BPD and Bipolar lessons here are good people with good hearts.The less mistakes, the more positive the relationship. I’ve been coaching men and women to date Borderlines successfully for years. They know exactly how to bait you in to arguments and fights. Nearly everything they say and do around you is a test in some subconscious way.Lack of strength and being firm is a big problem that most people struggle with. As a result, you must have an understanding of manipulation and tests.Or in the worst case, your partner has both BPD and Bipolar (which is exactly what my first long-term girlfriend was dealing with, along with anxiety attacks).I’ve also recorded a video on Youtube going over this article along with some additional insights.

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