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It seems from the beginning to have been used to denote a flat open vessel of the nature of a plate or dish.

Such vessels in the first centuries were used in the service of the altar, and probably served to collect the offerings of bread made by the faithful and also to distribute the consecrated fragments which, after the loaf had been broken by the celebrant, were brought down to the communicants, who in their own hands received each a portion from the patina. We have, however, positive evidence that silver dishes were in use, which were called patinæ ministeriales , and which seem to be closely connected with the calices ministeriales in which the consecrated wine was brought to the people.

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The eucharistic vessel known as the paten is a small shallow plate or disc of precious metal upon which the element of bread is offered to God at the Offertory of the Mass, and upon which the consecrated Host is again placed after the Fraction.

The word paten comes from a Latin form patina or patena , evidently imitated from the Greek patane .

In the altar patens of the medieval period we usually find a more marked central depression than is now customary.

This well or depression is usually set round with ornamental lobes, seven, tcn, or more in number.

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