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Factors such as poverty, weak law enforcement, patriarchal social norms and concerns about family honour are often blamed.

Marriages in India are considered to involve a child if the woman is below 18 or the man younger than 21.

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Marital rape is not a crime in India, where the Government has said criminalising marital rape could destabilise marriages and make men vulnerable to harassment by their wives.In this context, it is perhaps unsurprising that existing research suggests that all forms of modern slavery continue to exist in India, including intergenerational bonded labour, forced child labour, commercial sexual exploitation, forced begging, forced recruitment into nonstate armed groups and forced marriage.Quantification of modern slavery in any country is difficult, but is doubly so in a country as large and complex as India.Examples of forced labour of domestic workers were described by survey respondents.While not all domestic workers are abused, domestic workers are a particularly vulnerable group as work takes place in private homes and largely out of the reach of regulation.

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